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Komorní scéna 21, Frýdek-Místek, Premiere: 11 April 2013
Author: F. M. Dostoevsky
Director: Norbert Závodský
Scenography: Gimonfu.
Costumes: Agáta Molčanová
Music: Mirai Navrátil (Dolls in the Factory, Mirai)
“When it rains, even the cruelest person deserves an umbrella.”
The most discussed work by F. M. Dostoevsky/ like his other works, he examines the most secret corners of human souls / facing manipulation / a provincial town turns into an experiment of a fanatic / what are the limits of manipulation with crowds and individuals / evil has many faces / it is true, however, that “everything what has been said is engraved in granite” / even Stavrogin knows it / and Stavrogin is the Devil! / facing obsession / love is forbidden! / facing remains of emotions / escalated situations / powerful stories / visual show / demons!!!
Our concept is based on a minimalist set divided into two antithetic spaces. A thin line between them is created by a tube, which is a central motive of the set and the place Demons spring from. Spaces have no exact limits and they resemble a vague and symbolic landscape. The set co-creates neutrality of place and time.
Salon české scénografie 2013, Reduta, Brno Salon české scénografie 2013, Reduta, Brno
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